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Shipping & Delivery from Metroscap.com

How much does it cost to ship a picture?

It depends.

If you select our FREE shipping option, it will be free. However, if you choose to select one of the other shipping options, our cart will AUTOMATICALLY calculate your rate once you have entered a valid City, State and Zip Code. That's the simplest answer we can provide here. If you'd like, click through to any detail-page for a photo, add as many of one size to the cart as you think you're likely to buy, and scroll down to the City, State and Zip Code fields, enter the correct information into those fields (while leaving the others blank for the time being), and then scroll down toward the middle/bottom of the check out page and see what the rate will be.

When will my order be delivered?

It depends.

If you select our FREE shipping option, expect delivery 10-12 business days from the date of your order. We will select the least expensive method (to us) to ship you your order. For some orders, its USPS Priority Mail, others depending on where it ships, we'll choose UPS Ground, and still others we'll select USPS Parcel Post. Parcel Post is the slowest method for any size boxes/orders, but also the least expensive, especially for larger pieces.


However, if you've chosen UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail, your order moves to front of our production line (behind Next Day Air, and 2nd Day Air orders). Orders that have paid for UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail will ship out 1-4 business days from the date of your order. Typically, the more units in an order, the longer production takes. Our goal is to turn around all orders as quickly as possible, and to have paid shipping orders OUT the door within 3 days. Then just add the appropriate number of delivery days for the method you paid for. You can view the UPS Ground zone delivery map here.

For USPS, if your option in the cart had a day specific level of service (the cart receives live info from USPS, so when you punch in your valid information, it will only give you one USPS Priority Day Specific option) then you should expect delivery X days from the maximum 4 day production window. AGAIN, our goal is to under-promise on the number of days it will take to deliver your order, and over deliver, by getting it to you earlier than we (promised) and you thought we could.

How/Where can I track my order?

You can follow the progress of your order, and click on a tracking link specifically for your order by looking up your order in our Order Status system, or if you have the tracking number(s) you can track those packages here:


For USPS Tracking Numbers (that start with a 9) enter your tracking number here:



For UPS Tracking Numbers (that start with a 1z) enter your tracking number here:

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

No. Please provide an actual delivery address. P.O. Boxes for billing are fine, but for delivery, we require an actual address.

How will my PRINT-ONLY ship, flat or rolled?

Prints that are under 13" x 13" or under will ship flat.

Prints over 13" x 13" will ship rolled and in heavy duty cardboard tubes (the tube walls are 3/8" thick, and a 3" diameter). Larger prints, in the 30" by X" dimensions, ship in larger and thicker cardboard tubes to protect the print from damage, and a 6-8" diameter to protect from curling. The tubes for these pieces are also telescoping tubes, meaning that the already thick 1/4" cardboard walls, will be doubled up providing a heavy-duty cardboard wall protection of essentially 1/2" walls.

How do you package the large pieces for shipping?

With an extraordinary level of cushioning. We actually create a custom sized styrofoam crate. The photos below will do a better job explaining how our pieces ship, than this keyboard will, so i'm going to stop typing now.