A Collection of Black & White Skyline, Cityscapes and Urban Landscape Photography by Jason Wilson.

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If you live in or around the Columbus Area, you can choose to pick up your order from our Grove City gallery. Yes, we used to be in German Village, but in 2013 we made the decision to move into a space that was 3x as large as our German Village location.

Please call us to arrange a pick up time. We'll be happy to meet you here for your pick up any time. (614) 285-7780. For directions, visit

One of the decisions we've made in our new location is to not post retail hours. We're typically in the office Monday - Friday 10:00am - 5:00pm, but we're not locked into that schedule. Not posting specific hours, allows us to come and go to meetings, installations and assignments as we please. Yes, we have a product that has a retail appeal, but its also not a product that the majority of our customers come in to purchase straight off of the wall (one of the reasons why we chose to leave our german village location). Rather, most people like to come see the sizes of our framed pieces in person, (if they do come down in person) then place their order online.

Use the map below as a reference for our Grove City location. Click the link below to get directions from google maps, to get from your place to ours.

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In 2004 when the Metroscāp Collection (of black and white cityscapes and black and white cityscape prints) was launched we tried very, very hard to register the domain name metroscape.com. However, it turned out that it was already (and still is) squatted by someone else in South Korea. So instead of be discouraged about not being able to acquire the metroscape.com domain we instead used that roadblock as an opportunity be creative with the name and pronunciation that we desired with the term Metroscape. So after some quality time with Adobe Illustrator and a bunch of pencil sketches we arrived at our current spelling, Metroscāp (with the long vowel sound pronunciation bar above the "a").